Winter Show tempish 2019

LEVEL OF OPTIMAL SPORT LOADING 1. BASIC RECREATIONAL USE Products are intended for occasional recreational and sport purposes. It is suitable especially for beginning athletes and children, whowould like to start with this sport. Design andmaterials of this product can handle only low and short-term load. Not suitable for higher sports load. 2. RECREATIONAL SPORT USE Products are intended for recreational sport. The product is suitable for recreational athletes who are familiar with basics of the sport. Product and materials tolerate light, regular load. The product is not intended for a high sports load. 3. AMATEUR SPORT USE Products are very popular with active recreational users. Products marked this way are suitable for regular sport use, tolerate medium load and these products are usually equipped with basic safety and comfort features. Design and materials are adapted to medium load and more frequent use of these products. Provide very comfortable feeling during sports. 4. PERFORMANCE SPORT USE Products are intended for performance athletes and regular sport load. Materials, technology and design of these products can handle high regular load. Various functional materials and structures, which support the efficiency, comfort and safety of users. These marked products are designed for performance athletes, or for advanced athletes who use the product in more demanding conditions and burden them more regularly. 5. LOAD PERFORMANCE SPORT USE, PROFESSIONAL SPORT Products are intended for performance and professional sports. Products are equipped with the newest features in comfort, safety, support of the performance area. They are equipped with modern materials which actively affect influence its features. Products marked with this level can handle extreme sport load and allow users to achieve high athletic performance and ensure high comfort and safety. EXPLANATIONS 3 DNA – PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY SKATE The hockey skates are specially developed for professional hockey players according their requests and needs. The construction of the boot: The high resistance and low weight of the boot is provided by special materials. Thanks to the new technologies used during the producing, the boot adapts to the feet and the controllabillity of the skate is very simple. The inside swath and used materials absorb the perspiration without any changes of the quality and have the abbility to oust it quickly. The braced flap protects the instep of the foot. The wax-coated laces seal the foot inside the boot exactly according the requests of the customer. The skate construction: Extremely light and massive construction along the whole lenght of the skate.Changeble steel blade made of special high-quality steel. ANATOMICAL SHAPE Comfortable feeling in the skates is just as important as stability and confidence of movements. We managed to develop skates which offer both - thanks to the special used materials, unique design and use special technology! ANATOMICAL SHAPE label highlights the ability to adapt to your foot shape. Anatomically shaped ankle part is already in the basic skeleton of skates. We use a memory material that adapts the shape of your feet and fills the free space in the boot. SUPER SOFT FUN FUR Skates with a special inner material - SUPER SOFT FUN FUR. This is a new generation of synthetic material, which is nice to touch, and also has good insulation characteristics. You will experience a pleasant feeling andwarmthwhen skating. Thanks to this newmaterial skatingwill be evenmore fun. COMFORTABLE ADJUSTING TEMPISH adjusting skate system. Very comfortable and quick adjusting system ensures that you or your children can use these skates for a long time without any troubles. DUPLEX Construction system allowing changing between ice skate chassis and wheels chassis (and vice versa) - enables easy conversion between in-line and ice skates. The materials used in both skates versions are full-valued and have same properties as individual skates models for ice or inline skating. DNA - RENTAL ICE SKATES Special model of the skate TEMPISH is made for the RENTAL companies and is ready to fulfil extremely hard tasks which are required. RENTAL ice skates are stiffen to handle the beginners. Upper loops for laces are made for frequent taking-up. The exposed spots on the heel, tip-toe and on the sides of the boot are protected by the rubber material. The connection of the top, sole and skate is adapted to bear high burden.The primary task for these ice-skates is to adjust all sorts of the users and to provide stability to the skaters with different skating skills with a longterm lifetime. The TEMPISH RENTAL DNA ice-skates acomplish all of these features.