Winter Show tempish 2019

EXPLANATIONS DNA TECHNOLOGY The skate is adapted for the professional and extre- me load RENTAL DNA TECHNOLOGY The rental skate is adapted for the professional and extreme load WATERPROOF LIGHT FLEXI 3D special resistant PVC CAMBRA inner material CLEERON BANDAGE WITH MEMORY anatomical bandage with memory CLEERON HARD NYLON the sole made from an extra solid nylon THERMO PRINT surface finish ANATOMICAL BANDAGE anatomical bandage with memory DOUBLE LAYERED PU two-layer PVC / PU STRUCTURED PU structured PVC / PU CLASSIC PVC LEATHER outer material - cow hide SYNTHETIC WOOL inner material SUPER SOFT FUN FUR inner material LUX FUN FUR inner material MODERN DESIGN modern and fashion design of skates PERFORMANCE LEVEL THERMO BANDAGE anatomical thermo bandage ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION boot reinforced by one-piece construction EXTREMELY ANATOMICAL SHAPE extremely anatomical shape of the inside pad of the boot in the ankle and Achilles‘ heel area ANATOMICAL SHAPE anatomical shaped shell in ankle part ULTRA HARD STIFFENING VERY HARD STIFFENING HARD STIFFENING MIDDLE HARD STIFFENING WAVE BLADE design WAVE, stainless steel, polished blade AIR STAINLESS STEEL lite stainless steel UNI CARBON STEEL universal blade made from stainless steel CARBON STEEL carbon stainless steel grade TWO-PIECES SHEEL THREE-PIECES SHEEL AUTO LOCK safety lock system DUPLEX possibility to exchange ice blade to chassis with wheels DIAMOND STONES flashy stones ADJUSTABLE SIZE DIGITAL PRINT TECHNOLOGY